If you’ve got a name like Huckabee, really, you need to STFU. If you are a politician, be that Red or Blue, if you have nothing constructive to say, STFU. You look like fifty pounds of shit in a twenty-five pound bag, so put down the fork, then we’ll discuss politics.

There once was a time when there was a sense of dignity and decorum surrounding our lawmakers.

Pan to that hag Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Now, they are punchlines and a paean to the inefficiency of our government. Nothing gets done, not without senseless posturing, blustering, and downright buffoonery, but at least we’re not Iran.

What a great final etching on the gravestone of America….at least we weren’t Iran.

I have lived in several countries and you would be surprised at how similar the climate is there concerning the American political culture. People are divided as to just what picture of our country they choose to believe: the beacon of hope and possibilities that reflected in the eyes of immigrants, or a picture of hate and fear in the eyes of our simpleton politicians and those sworn to Serve and Protect us.

The State of the Union address did nothing to allay the worlds’ concerns that we are a fading vestige of what we once were, but who isn’t? We are still the best alternative to whatever else is out there passing as a government.

Yes, we are a racist country.

No, we are not the world leaders in anything except maybe bullshit.

We still have far too much crime, far too many homeless, and an ever-widening gap between factions in government which prevents real progress being made.

What comes around, goes around…

Russian mercenary was executed.


Transgender people are really under the gun, so to speak, from everywhere you look. States are passing legislation, people are protesting, and even worse, people are killing them out of fear and homophobia.

Was it this bad when gays started coming out? I don’t remember exactly when gays became a “thing,” was it the 40’s or 50’s?

Like we need another reason to kill anyone.

First of all, the words “kill” and “reason” don’t belong in the same universe.

I am on record as being against transgender athletes competing against anatomically-appropriate competitors. I am sure anatomically-appropriate is not politically correct, either.

It is one thing to be different.

We are all different. But it is another thing altogether when you choose to shove it into peoples’ faces. I never went out and felt the need to dress in clothes that highlighted my athletic body and proclaim, “I’m straight. I love women!”

I’m not going to hide behind the words of the bible; I admit the thought of two men copulating grosses me out. This is where the little Cocaine Devil on my shoulder shouts, “Why doesn’t two women copulating gross you out?”

It kinda does, just not as much (Karen just thumped me on the head).

The one thing I agree with in the tumult that is our government is that we need to elect younger leaders in both parties.

Just not the ones we have now.

Stay well.


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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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