My Three Cents

If you saw my blog yesterday, I need to take some of my own medicine.

Just when I proclaimed that our lawmakers in Congress would never come together on anything, that they were too divisive to get anything done, they pass a bill by a vote tally of 419-0.

There’s a reason I am not a political pundit.

The United States has “condemned “ China for its recent spy caper.


Before you get all hot and bothered, this tally means squat. It does not have the force of law, only an “expression of our deep concern.”

What kind of horseshit is that?

I bet they are all scared now because of this terrible “condemnation.”

As we await the Super Bowl on Sunday, it just doesn’t seem as much fun since I stopped drinking. That used to be half the fun.

Just about everyone who has never been to California believe it is an entirely separate country, populated with gangs and weirdos.

And they’re right.

The latest evidence is proffered by Rafa Solano, who pulled a Highlander (“You will always be weaker than I, Highlander!”) and lopped off the head of his girlfriend.

In self-defense.

She had a knife, he had a samurai sword.



And Joe Biden still gets carded at “R” rated movies.

My man Marcus Rashford gets fined for speeding. What the hell is he doing driving anyway? Didn’t anyone tell him that once you get to the rarified air of 200-plus pounds per week, you never have to drive again?

As far as the war in Ukraine goes, you hear of daily missile attacks from both sides. I believe the intelligence that says the Russians are gearing up for a major spring offensive is accurate and a portent of things to come.

Remember this: since they started helping the Ukrainians, our pilots have been training theirs on how to fly the most advanced killing machines in the sky. Our soldiers have been training theirs on how to operate the most modern mobile weaponry, and now the help is coming from all corners as other European countries remember, too.

They’ve seen madmen try to take over the world before.

That little dumbass Putin is gonna fuck this up and get beat.

By mighty Ukraine.

Lindsay Lohan, go away.


I am entertaining the thought of getting a bunny rabbit to run around the house and back yard. I figured I would get one of those robot vacuums to follow it around to pick up any stray pellets.

I need to do more research…

I like the thought of a soft bunny rabbit hopping around with his oversized feet and ears.

I think something like that would be very cool.

When I was working as a Breakfast Chef at a world-renown resort in Santa Barbara, California, I was able to make good use out of the five languages I speak.

French Chef Renaud Defond, insisted, as he promoted me, that I was also “promoted” from Mexican to Spaniard.

I could have killed the little bastard.

It would have been the single worst career move I could ever make in my lifetime.

The things that man could do with spun sugar…

Stay well.


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