Give Me More

I cannot get enough videos of dogs riding skateboards and kicking their legs to keep it going. I could watch those all day.

How about stories of getting payback to someone who really deserves it?

Revenge, especially for the little guy or girl,  against great odds, is the best. And the more despicable the deserving character, the more satisfying it is to us, the viewers.

I mentioned the female side because there are some supremely badass women doling out payback in the movies.

I dig it.

Give me more stories of people protecting their selves, family, or property with game-ending violence. People who attempt to kill you have forfeited their status as a human being, and therefore are not subject to the laws of man. You are allowed to kill them with extreme prejudice, ensuring their days of worthlessness are over.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

“Hey Mum! It’s the dustbinmen!”

I welcome more stories of the travelling circus known as the Russian Army as they keep fucking up their war against Ukraine. Seriously, when the war started, did you have even the tiniest hope that Ukraine could withstand the Russian war machine?

Some machine.

More like a Tinker Toy (does anybody remember those?).

I am trying to recollect, in my entire lifetime, when I have seen or heard of a military campaign so badly managed and poorly executed as BabyHead Putin’s troops. I have seen war movies dating to the late forties and fifties, so I’ve got a big library to draw from.

I’ve got it.

Laurel and Hardy Go To War.

I also admit to being part redneck because give me more pictures of fat people trying to swing on rope swings and falling into the very muddy water they were hoping to avoid with absolutely zero athleticism.

I can’t help it.

Also, I can’t get enough of the friendship and hospitality extended me by my neighbors in this wonderful little town on the Miami River. The weather is pristine again today, and I would be out in the middle of it if I didn’t have football and college football to watch.

City looks invincible.

I have two shows coming up next week, so I have to get a hair and beard trim today. My appointment falls just as my Notre Dame football team is kicking off, but I probably won’t miss very much; the lads are struggling mightily this year.

Give me more stories from the extreme right AND stories from the extreme left.

I find them both comical and ignorant.

And not as relevant as say, The Munsters.

Give me more people putting up Christmas decorations early. I would love it if people kept Christmas lights on their house all year long.

Give me more cool products that keep popping up with dogs and puppies as the theme. I recently purchased a hat and socks with doggies on them keeping with my Maddogg brand. They will now become part of my performing gear.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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