Raise Your Hand

-If you are sick and tired of kids attacking those charged with trying to make those imbeciles smarter.

I say why bother?

17 years on this planet or even one-year in a tough high school qualifies you to be tried as an adult.

I don’t want to hear the bleeding hearts talk about a child robbed of his life.

Get rid of them.

Turn the page.

-If you don’t know who to believe in anymore.

Everybody lies all the time.

Both parties.

All candidates.

Welcome to the cesspool that is American politics.

-If you believe one word out of that clown Alex Murdaugh’s mouth.

I didn’t think so.

-If you are like me and wondering OK, so 140,000 dumbshits were conned into voting for George “Catch Me If You Can” Santos in New York. What are you going to do about it? I know, appoint him to political committees as a reward for making a circus of our process.

That’ll do it.

Hey ass-wipe Amari Bente Hendricks, take your fucking free cookie and either fork out thousands to defend your stupid ass, or sit in jail for a few years where animals like you belong.

Everyone can quit piling on to Speaker Kevin McCarthy for turning over all the Jan. 6th info. The man is a eunuch; no balls. A position with no power, so he has to make waves and get his offensive smug in the headlines whenever and wherever he can.

This should surprise absolutely no one.

Those whacky Canadians are trying to fuck it up for everyone else by prosecuting citizens defending their home and person from criminals. Once you break into a person’s home, cause injury, and threaten violence, ALL BETS ARE OFF.

I don’t give a damn if the violated homeowner stabs, burns, shoots, and then defecates on the corpse.

It still isn’t enough.

Evidently one of the intruders learned enough to wait around for the cops to rescue him.

Add Ted Cruz to the list of overweight A-holes who need to shut the fuck up.

In a scene right out of Top Gun or Maverick a Chinese fighter, armed with missiles flew alongside within five-hundred feet of an American jet flying over the China Sea.

Sooner or later…

It wouldn’t cause me to lose one bit of sleep if Alex Jones was to die. Just tell him it’s not killing.

No, it’s DENYING life.

Deal with it.

My home state is getting rain and snow and if ever anyone needed it, California does.

At least Alabama has it together. (did I just say that?)

They are bringing back executions by lethal injections. They are doing this after rehearsals and test runs.

Who are the idiots stupid enough to volunteer for a lethal injection rehearsal?

Oh, I forgot.

It’s Alabama.

How in the hell do you rob a drive-thru window at a bank?

What happened, the guy put his knife in the tray, sends it, and the teller looks at the knife and bingo, they put money in the tray?

Stay well.

Published by maddogg09

I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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