Go You Reds!

I can’t help it.

The one sports team that I will follow as often as I am able is the Manchester United Football Club.

Ever since I watched Georgie Best, the mercurial striker for United beat Geoff Hurst and West Ham in 1967, I have been a loyal maniac for the lads whenever and wherever they play.

I need to finish this blog so I can catch a few hours of shuteye before we play the always-tough Southampton Saints in the morning.

The Canadian blockade seems to be the most popular story across the board, and don’t look now, but France is now mounting their own protests. Their president, Mr. Macron, admits to France having a case of “Covid fatigue.”

No shit?

And you think you are the only ones sick and tired of all this division and the hatred simmering just below the surface?

It’s only a matter of time….

Hopefully I’ll be gone by then.

The Canadian Prime Minister has issued an injunction in the hopes of opening up the supply chain and vital connections between Canada and the United States, with estimated daily losses in the tens of millions.

I saw that air shipments are on the rise, so the truckers better watch that they don’t make themselves obsolete with their misguided actions.

“This is not my city,” is a common refrain heard from the protesters. I take that rhetoric with the same grain of salt that I did with the American cries of “this is not my country anymore.”

There are other cities.

There are other countries.

If you don’t like it here, I am all for your happiness. Move to where you are happy.



Wisconsin has charged Darrel Brooks with 77 charges, including six counts of homicide. He is the man accused of killing seven people, and injuring seventy others in a Wisconsin parade.

If he were white, he’d have a waaaaay better chance, right Kyle?

It is Wisconsin after all.

Record deforestation in the Amazon Basin.

Keep it up.

Start watching the dystopian apocalyptic movies on Netflix and choose how you want to check out from the Carnival of Life.

It is inevitable.

Boris, all your partying and drinking aside, do something with that hair. You look like someone took a Weed Whacker to it.

The London Police Chief resigned amidst allegations of widespread bullying, misogyny and racism in the ranks of the force.

Who do they think they are, Americans?

I have close to forty countries that check out my blog, so wherever you are my brothers and sisters, chin up, stiff upper.

We’ll get through this load of rubbish yet.

So go you Reds tomorrow morning and Rangnick better play Rashford, Ronaldo, and Cavani up front. I won’t address the situation affecting young Mason Greenwood, and I would love to see Bruno Fernandes return to last year’s form. Pogba should keep his unmotivated, overpaid arse on the bench.

One goal won’t do it, so we are either going to finally pull it together and make the run to secure fourth, or we must once again resign ourselves to no Champions League.

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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