Moving Right Along

The Domestic Despot just kicked my chair, almost knocking me over. All I said was “Is there anything hotter than a Ukrainian woman with bright red lipstick holding an AK-47?” Evidently I’m sexist. I’m playing an open mic tonight at the Lucky Star Brewery again. The lady I referred to in a previous post calledContinue reading “Moving Right Along”


In your sea-green feline eyes In the perfume on your graceful neck In the sweet caress of Faith and Safety. From all not you Two souls in flames. Streaking A frozen crystal alpine lake Hot cheeks touching Snow melting And you never even told me your name. Lost. ***** Happy Friday one and all. ThankContinue reading “Lost”


We are cooling off in Prescott so I will take off the next few days and resume with my musical post for Monday. I am now up to 99 followers so if you are the 100th, I will mail you a signed free copy of my book Emotions: Not your Mama’s ABC’s. Please send meContinue reading “AWOL”


Firstly, my audio reading of my book Emotions: Not your Mama’s ABC’s!: Secondly, check out the prologue of my novel If Only. You’ll be amused and surprised at how the planet would look like If Only… The Earth was still an embryo. Ah stirred awake in the morning mist which had begun to creep intoContinue reading “Prologue”

What the World Needs Now

I know, I know; I’m supposed to say Love Sweet Love, and that is something we always need, but I don’t think it is what the world needs right now.  In the words of badass rocker Bob Seger Turn the Page. I was taught by my parents to accept losses gracefully; to acknowledge that youContinue reading “What the World Needs Now”


As promised (I’m really trying to get better following through on my promises) I am starting TODAY 2/10 with the first audio installment of my book which I am attempting to narrate myself. Look for my installments to majorly increase in quality as I learn what the hell I am doing. Remember “good things comeContinue reading “Anger”

Nothing Off Limits

In my book Emotions: Not Your Mama’s ABC’s, nothing is off limits. It is truly an emotional rollercoaster, testing your emotional resilience to read, decipher, and experience each story (or preface) on its own merit. It may also have you questioning my sanity on occasion. Definitely not for speedreading despite its length. An example ofContinue reading “Nothing Off Limits”