I Thought I Heard it All


Car 54 Where are you?


The police shot and killed a double amputee.

Not the athletic, mobile type running on two prosthetic limbs.



He was trying to run away on his stumps.

They caught him by walking. He did, however, have a butcher knife he was wielding, so, according to the new police manual, you operate like Dalton in Road House.

You be nice.

Until it’s time to not be nice.

Then you kill.

That’s Huntington Park, California.

My birthplace.

Wonder why I don’t live there?

Not to get my hopes up too much, but my Reds will play for their first piece of silverware in far too long. Newcastle United stands between them and the Carabao Cup. We still need to finish top four at season’s end, and not doing so would make new manager Ten Hag look like an idiot since he is working with a blank check to bring Manchester United all the way back.

So that fat little asshole Kyle Rittenhouse is finally facing the civil suit portion of his ordeal. Too bad he is not rich or famous. No one will get squat from that little porker.

What the hell is all this uproar about students taking African American studies for college credits? If you don’t like the subject matter, don’t take the class.

Why is everyone so horny?

Cops being busted for getting it on in the parking lot, teachers are still abusing their students, and politicians keep getting embarrassed even further with their sexploits.

It must be something in the water.

Two idiots in Israel leave their baby at an airline counter rather than buy a ticket for it.

If they want to act so callously (and criminally) let them.

 Treat the baby the same as you would any other piece of abandoned luggage. Put it on a shelf in a closet until someone comes back for it.

I bet it would only take once for this to happen to get the point across, eh?

I’m getting sick and tired of North Korea talking shit about the USA.

Sooner or later…

It’s sooner for the idiots who rely on the Colorado River for their drinking water. The biggest offender, California, won’t even consider cutting back usage.


Use it all up.

When you run out of potable water, you’re on your own.

And why is it, we still can’t provide for the nation’s AND the world’s water needs by desalinization?

What’s the holdup?

 “You can’t just shoot a 12-year-old child for literally no reason and do it with complete impunity,” say the attorneys for Amir Worship.

This is America.

Evidently you can.

“Oops,” says the SWAT team member who shot him in the knee with an automatic assault rifle.

That should do it.


Stay well.


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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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