Second Thoughts?

Evidently this whacky English woman had second thoughts. Infatuated with serial killers, she stabbed her on again-off again boyfriend nineteen times, making it a pretty obvious sign of the status of their relationship.

Off again (permanently).

This is one right out of Maddogg’s dating playbook.

If you ever enter a woman’s bedroom and there are pictures hanging of serial killers, no questions or answers needed.


I don’t care how hot the woman is (as I am writing this, a little devil on my shoulder is asking “How hot?”) just remember the term to die for applies to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Nothing is worth dying for, unless you count your family.

No flag, no religion, no ideology.


I am very much pro-education and I was pleased to see a teacher awarded five million dollars of Virginia taxpayers’ money after the bungling, lying losers posing as police officers including the sheriff and his deputy arrested her for reportedly abusing a student.

Basically, they just took the word of some dumbshit schoolboy without the need for silly little things like interviewing witnesses, following leads, verifying the information in any way whatsoever, you know, silly little things like that.

This is story I have seen before several times on Law and Order and the victim typically loses everything they have; their jobs, money, reputation, they even have to endure public scorn, ridicule, and death threats.

Five million doesn’t seem all that much when you put it into terms like that, but hopefully, this will allow her to live well from this point forward.

Loudon County, Virginia, shame on you.

A little kid in Kentucky had to lecture his own mother when he told her,” you’re the one who told me not to lie.” The boy was reacting to the low-life lying assholes posing as responsible, law-abiding citizens who were aiding and abetting a criminal, and you can throw in hindering prosecution to the rap sheet. The adults all lied.

If they really want to blow my dress up, they would have arrested the lying individuals and charged them. This would certainly be a good lesson for the young lad.

And a child shall lead them…

Even people that you don’t know and like anyway, for whatever reason, have their own fears and prejudices.

I knew Mark Wahlberg was not an altar boy when he was a kid. I’m certainly not gonna be the one to cast the first stone, and how many rappers have rap sheets? Actors, musicians, politicians, name a profession that isn’t populated with criminals. And don’t say the Church; they are just better-robed criminals.

So, the money “bagman” for the U.S., Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, is backing up our promise to give an additional 10 billion dollars in aid to the war effort in the Ukraine by September.

This should be fun.

That ass-clown Ron DeSantis is fucking with Disney again.

Just once.

Just once I want to see the entertainment giant Disney build a landmark amusement park in a different state and then they can tell Little Hitler that he can shove his backward-ass ideas back to the Ice Age.

They could finance the entire thing with the sale of the land where Disney World stands.

There, I did it again.

Stay well.

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