The Whole Truth

There is only one.

Sometimes we are treated to different interpretations of veracity, but just like Highlander there can be only one.

There is the Republican truth.

There is the Democrat truth.

There is the (insert country here) truth, but really, the only truth that matters is the one you believe in.

So how do you know for sure whether you are being lied to or not?

We are all of us, each and every one of us, at the mercy of whomever is espousing so-called versions of the truth.  We then sift it through our belief system to get our unique version of the truth. So, the truth is, our unique version of the truth may or may NOT resemble the actual truth.

Our legal system depends on truth as a barometer for determining and administering justice.

I have very little tolerance for liars because I used to be one. Usually lies of convenience as opposed to deviance.

You definitely can not take the spoken word as truth. What does someone say to you when they really want you to believe something they have to say?

I swear.

Any idiot can mutter those two words even if they don’t really understand why. Swearing only means something if there is a belief in the sanctity of an oath.

I shit you not!

What the hell do you say except thank you for not defecating me kind sir.

If you have watched as many episodes of Law and Order as Karen and I have, you get a feel for who is lying and why. I could have been the hell detective since I can usually tell within the first ten minutes of L&O who killed who and why they did it.

But truth is absolute.

It doesn’t matter why.

Now when I reference belief, let’s make it clear I am not promoting blind obedience to any doctrine, dogma, or leader.

Nazi Germany already tried that.

Didn’t work out too well for them.

Most recently, the Republicans tried it.

Didn’t work out too well for them either.

So no wonder the children are taking up arms in defense of their parents’ screwy ideas on how to settle our differences.

Their ideas and belief systems are still developing and so now I wonder what their kids will think when their parents’ perverse dogma becomes cemented as their own and they start teaching hatred to their kids?

It is not a prospect I expect to see in my lifetime thankfully.

It seems like you can not get through a week without hearing of another mass shooting somewhere.

If I had kids, I would be beside myself with worrying if they will live long enough to enjoy this planet and her riches? If they manage to survive childhood, will they fall prey to cyber-attacks, identity theft, or worse yet, the words of a corrupt politician?

So even if you are unable to attain a state of grace in absolute truth, there is still hope.

Careful what you hope for.

Here is my audio excerpt from my book Emotions: Not your Mama’s ABC’s:

U V unrelenting vain

Stay well.

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I am an unmotivated genius with an extreme love for anything that moves the emotional needles of our lives.

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