The Whole Truth

There is only one. Sometimes we are treated to different interpretations of veracity, but just like Highlander there can be only one. There is the Republican truth. There is the Democrat truth. There is the (insert country here) truth, but really, the only truth that matters is the one you believe in. So how doContinue reading “The Whole Truth”


God do I love my wife but she cannot cook worth a damn. She knows it. I’m not railroading her or anything, it’s just that when they took off my lower left leg, Karen’s biggest fear was realized: Not because she would have to help me with everything, but because she would now be responsibleContinue reading “Cooking”

Peer Pressure

I’ll start off today’s blog with a reading from my book EMOTIONS: Not your Mama’s ABC’s! Today, I include the preface and two short stories. The first story is Winter Trip and reflects the emotion querulous, and the second story, well I have absolutely no earthly idea how it made it into my book. IContinue reading “Peer Pressure”

No More Tomorrows

The title of this weeks’ original song was actually a collaboration between my brother Ed and I. Ed had the melody bouncing around his gourd and had started on the lyrics. I basically finished the melody and added a chorus. We finished the lyrics together over a bottle of Stolichnaya and some Marin County Greenbud.Continue reading “No More Tomorrows”

The Wizard

He was about 60, a used-up and burnt-out alcoholic grill cook. He was fat, balding, and bitter.  He had started cooking in his mom’s kitchen and never rose past the position of grill cook for a major breakfast chain. Thirty years of cooking  and absolutely nothing to show for it. His pockets were usually empty,Continue reading “The Wizard”