Years ago, (31 to be exact), I would on occasion make the trip down I-75 from Toledo to Cincinnati. Cincy is where Karen was born and grew up to age 18. Now, I know things change over time, but I am totally blown away by how big the city of Dayton has grown, and IContinue reading “Dayton”

Ten Minutes

Old people are starting to get to me. What’s with this ten-minutes-to-do-anything rule? I mean “just a sec,’ “hold on,” “wait a minute,” all these expressions are extended to ten minutes by the more mature people. (old buzzards) I don’t get it. But we adjust. I now know to be patient and wait ten minutesContinue reading “Ten Minutes”

Take THAT Diabetes!

Today is a watershed moment in my climb back to normalcy as I prepare for my round of golf this morning. It is going to be sunny and 70 degrees here in Arizona and that does not suck. I will be attempting to play golf for the first time in about 2 years. My legContinue reading “Take THAT Diabetes!”

Play Like a Girl

A few years back, I can’t recall exactly who, but one of the major golf companies had an ad campaign featuring the great Annika Sorenstam (or it could have been Michelle Wie), both amazing athletes, and the gist of the commercials was the concept in sports “play like a girl.” Now, when I was growingContinue reading “Play Like a Girl”