The Dance

I can dance. Certainly not as well as I think I can, but I have rhythm and a good sense of beat to at least not be “that guy” on the dance floor; flailing, spinning, and generally avoiding falling down to any music, except jazz. But who dances to jazz? Not cool enough. Jazz buffsContinue reading “The Dance”

Ten Minutes

Old people are starting to get to me. What’s with this ten-minutes-to-do-anything rule? I mean “just a sec,’ “hold on,” “wait a minute,” all these expressions are extended to ten minutes by the more mature people. (old buzzards) I don’t get it. But we adjust. I now know to be patient and wait ten minutesContinue reading “Ten Minutes”

Road Trip

After much chagrin and frustration, I have finally convinced Domestic Despot Osama bin KAREN to let me put together a mid-week trip up in the High Sierras of California and then over to the coast for a stop at my big brother Ed’s in Ventura for a few days. I have fond memories of Ventura,Continue reading “Road Trip”