Smarty Pants

I’ve always been too damn smart for my own good. I admit it. Not proud of it, either. As soon as I was able to enunciate, my big brother would have me read aloud every single word of the “Acknowledgements” of one of his high-school level books, even the word “Acknowledgements.” Then he would makeContinue reading “Smarty Pants”


Being “good with numbers” is pretty much a requirement for any successful businessperson. I don’t care to even think about how much money I wasted in my life. The amount would disgust some, but I don’t give a  shit. It makes me smile. And it gave me true stories that others can only read about.Continue reading “Numbers”


Who came up with the idea of licensing things? I am sure it could only happen in a capitalist climate. A way to keep track of someone or something and generate income doing so. I am writing about licenses because the mean, racist old lady at the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles sent me homeContinue reading “Licenses”


Pulled into Etown aka Elizabethtown, KY about 10am this morning. Three different people had told me how beautiful Kentucky was. I gotta tell you, in my limited sample size, I think Arkansas kicks its ass. The ride over was great and we really benefitted from the advice from the front desk clerk who told usContinue reading “Kentucky”

Training Wheels

Back before we were cruising in our banana-seated, high-crossbar handlebars, on regular two-wheeled bicycles, even before you clamped playing cards to your spokes with laundry pins to make it sound like a motorcycle (at least that was the lofty aim). Even before you had a small replica of an adult bike, one that wasn’t foundContinue reading “Training Wheels”

Cantina Lady

The title of this week’s original song I penned in 1976, it comes with a story (I’m a writer, of course it does). The scene is a little dive bar on Canal Street in Nogales, Mexico. The bartender was asleep when I entered through the shimmering red, white and green beads. There were three cracked-leatherContinue reading “Cantina Lady”