Bigger Than I Ever Knew

I am on record as saying my big brother Ed is one of my biggest heroes and I always wondered what it would be like to bear the responsibility of having a younger sibling. I had a chance to find out when I was in my late thirties. I was living in Norman, Oklahoma andContinue reading “Bigger Than I Ever Knew”

What Rocks Your World?

And I am not talking the short term heat-of-the-moment flush of sexual excitement. No, what I speak of is your motivation. For living. For life itself. What gets you up in the morning with a smile of anticipation and eagerness to start another day? We only have an average of 77 years and four monthsContinue reading “What Rocks Your World?”

I Thought I’d Seen it All

But evidently not. For those of you who have checked out a few of my blogs and know I have had  (to put it very mildly) a pretty harrowing couple of months since leaving Arizona. Massive heart attack. Trouble closing on our house. Caring for our two Cocker Spaniels Bruiser and Murphy whilst staying atContinue reading “I Thought I’d Seen it All”

Don’t Ever Give Up

“Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.” Those words have been spoken millions of times but never so impactful as when North Carolina State Men’s Basketball coach Jim Valvano used them to characterize his impending exit from this planet. I vividly remember his words and I still have my signed card with them handwritten byContinue reading “Don’t Ever Give Up”

The PROS & CONS of having only one leg

I have been an amputee now for twenty months. It sucks. But being the critical thinker I am (mama didn’t raise no cornpone), I have to look at both sides of any equation. I have to consider not only the obvious but the subtle nuances if you will, to provide the full picture. You mayContinue reading “The PROS & CONS of having only one leg”


I just got to meet Karen’s niece and nephews today. They are the offspring of younger sister Kris and her husband Allan. High school sweethearts. Allan is the rock. A father who has raised three highly intelligent critical thinkers who are a joyous mix of ambition and passion, while maintaining a sense of wonder inContinue reading “Family”

The Dance

I can dance. Certainly not as well as I think I can, but I have rhythm and a good sense of beat to at least not be “that guy” on the dance floor; flailing, spinning, and generally avoiding falling down to any music, except jazz. But who dances to jazz? Not cool enough. Jazz buffsContinue reading “The Dance”

Fire Season

It seems like every year we hear of more and more large forest fires. Don’t get me started about the fools that start them; they are damaged and not to be considered part of the census. No, I am talking about the deforestation of our planet. I know, I know, some fires are naturally goingContinue reading “Fire Season”


Our favorite time together. The day is exhausted and literally dying of thirst as the heat escapes the scorched earth and seeps skyward through the remaining stubborn streaks of grey. Yes, I have finally had time to cool down and really think about this. The logical thing (and I do fancy myself as a logicalContinue reading “Dusk”


What is it with the ease that everyone tosses around this terrible term? I mean it used to be, (and here I go sounding one hundred years old again) that if someone started a sentence with “You know what I really hate…” you would lean in to hear this travesty, because not liking something wasContinue reading “Hate”