Closing the Deal

I am winding down our search for a new SUV and it looks like the three finalists are the Toyota Highlander, the Ford Edge, and the Kia Telluride. Tomorrow we will test drive them and make a decision soon. The sooner we buy, the sooner I can get behind the wheel and drive for theContinue reading “Closing the Deal”

Road Trip

After much chagrin and frustration, I have finally convinced Domestic Despot Osama bin KAREN to let me put together a mid-week trip up in the High Sierras of California and then over to the coast for a stop at my big brother Ed’s in Ventura for a few days. I have fond memories of Ventura,Continue reading “Road Trip”


Does anybody use pencils anymore except maybe for kids in poor school districts? If you are old enough, think back to our old trusty Ticonderoga #2 lead pencils. Lead. Think back to how many times you licked the tip of your pencil and it is a wonder any of us got through elementary school withoutContinue reading “Pencils”

Selling the House Day 2

We met with a third realtor this morning and it was a slam dunk. The guy works my neighborhood and I have seen his newsletters for at least 15 years circulating through it. His figures were high, but not too high, according to this 35-year veteran of the real estate game. He’s not as high-poweredContinue reading “Selling the House Day 2”

Selling the House Day 1

We interviewed two realtors today. The first young woman we spoke with is going to be tough to beat. She was smart, efficient and ready for any questions of which I had several. Now I knew the housing market was strong, but to say the current climate is beneficial for sellers is the understatement ofContinue reading “Selling the House Day 1”

The End of the Innocence

An awesome song by Don Henley and the subject of today’s reading from my book Emotions: Not your Mama’s ABC’s! I am sure in some point in time, I will record and post a few Don Henley tunes that I cover. Man, what a voice. A big musical influence on me and my style, asContinue reading “The End of the Innocence”

What’s News?

Who do you trust for your news?                                                                  In days gone by, you had paragons of integrity reporting the facts, without coloring or filtering it. Brinkley, Cronkite, Reasoner, Jennings, and you must insert Barbara Walters in that group. At least her earlier reporting before she started making mini-movies for 60 Minutes and then her own specials.Continue reading “What’s News?”

Clash of the Titans

Well, it was truly a magnificent Easter Sunday and the annual Battle Royale resumed between my two sons Murphy and Bruiser. The 5th Annual Diaz Brothers Easter Egg Contest. Murphy was the runt of the litter and is a little scrapper. However, he is afraid of everything and I do mean everything. He is alsoContinue reading “Clash of the Titans”

Thank You

The first passage in the book Humanity: A Primer. I just made that title up; don’t search for it. Unless there really is a book called that, in which case my apologies. But saying “thank you” (in my way of thinking), is a minimum for membership into the human race. Dankie, Faleminderit, Shukran, Chnorakaloutioun, Hvala,Continue reading “Thank You”