Back for Good

What a trip. It started out on July 18th in the west valley of Phoenix, Arizona and culminated on September 14th. We are now new citizens of a little town in southern Ohio called Miamisburg. A golf course less than a mile down the road. The slow moving Miami River (Greater or Little Miami toContinue reading “Back for Good”

Wasted Energy

How much energy do we waste in the course of a day? I only ask because I am still hearing of people without power in the wake of Hurricane Ida. Hundreds of thousands of people. And how fucked up is it that people died from running their generators without ventilation? I know I waste aContinue reading “Wasted Energy”

Did Hell Freeze Over?

I know I have been a little groggy with medications, but what did I miss? Ronaldo was benched. Messi was traded. Now I am not an expert, but you know that silly little thing won’t stop me from chiming in. In a year when trade rumors and gossip are filled with the biggest names inContinue reading “Did Hell Freeze Over?”

Two Words

It seems like today’s world revolves around two words everywhere you look. My right. No way. Me too. Get out. Listening to EX-governor Mario Cuomo change his tune was funnier than firing up a blunt and watching an episode of Family Matters. What a load of horseshit. And he is a Democrat. Certainly no RepublicanContinue reading “Two Words”

Forrest Was Right

I suppose it is from all the time I spent in the pursuit of my own education combined with the time I spent helping other students attain their educational goals, that I have such a low tolerance for stupid people. Not included in my disdain are pygmies, people dwelling in the outskirts of Siberia, orContinue reading “Forrest Was Right”

Thoughts on a Sunday

I woke up this morning to the song Old Habits by Hank Williams Jr. bouncing around my noodle. I fired up a bowl and played the song so the day just got better for me. I used to love watching the old CMT videos. I learned many a song from them. Learning and playing C&WContinue reading “Thoughts on a Sunday”


You know, I was watching a rerun episode of Hell’s Kitchen starring Chef Gordon Ramsay and I couldn’t help but chuckle. I consider this a comedy, not a reality show. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a basher. He is legit and you don’t earn umpteen million Michelin stars and become one of theContinue reading “Respect!”


I did it again. I got stoned and posted the wrong blog yesterday with a song that I play, so here is another one from The New Riders. You are wearing your original swimsuit as you are reading this blog. That’s right. No suit. Au natural. Your first opportunity to swim is sometimes by necessity,Continue reading “Swimsuits”

Crime Shows

Todays blogpost will focus on television shows and I’ll hit movies at a later time. Best TV crime shows ever? Here is my take on the subject, understanding it is all a matter of perspective. My list will differ greatly from a millennial, for example, whose idea of “classic cinema” and mine well, you getContinue reading “Crime Shows”

MAN Among men

There are many men in the history of music. But there are only a few MEN. Ladies, tomorrow’s yours. One of the MEN is Robert Allen Zimmerman, aka Bob Dylan. He has written a crazy number of songs. His songs have made him wealthy beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, but his songs not only are well-written,Continue reading “MAN Among men”