They Don’t Teach This in a Book

I learned early. I am six years-old on the back of my brother’s Honda Cub and we are winding through narrow Japanese dirt streets lined with vendors of all types: Household goods. Meat. Fish. Electronics (such as they were in 1960 Japan). Restaurants. Brothels. Yep, right there next to the tent that was selling frozenContinue reading “They Don’t Teach This in a Book”

The Great Recess Caper of 1961

Original music Monday: Here is the 10th song I wrote. It is called Is it Love or is it Sin? Let me know…. Here is a short story I tried posting when I first started the blog back in November of last year. I’m not sure it was posted properly or on time, so hereContinue reading “The Great Recess Caper of 1961”

Dialing it In

An expression that refers to effort, and how much a person gives of themselves. Instead of fighting and battling against something, isn’t it easier to just “dial it in” with minimal or no effort? I can’t do that. Never could. My problem many times, is giving TOO MUCH and OVERREACHING. Sounds weird, but that’s howContinue reading “Dialing it In”