Not only one of the greatest sports stories ever made into film, but here come the Hoosiers of War. Ukraine. Whatever happens from this point on and I can only unfortunately think it will be terrible for the Ukrainians, they have shown that you don’t fuck around with their country. Except in the movie, theContinue reading “Hoosiers”

At Last

I got the call. The manager of a popular restaurant in Miamisburg has booked me for March 30th. He called me to ask how I want my name listed on his banner. In Arizona I played out as Markus when I did solo gigs. “Maddogg” I told him.  I will get over there in theContinue reading “At Last”

I Was Just Talking About Payouts

…and the ho-hum nature of the cost of mankind’s destruction of our planet. Just another expense to be amortized. Who sets the number for Earth’s useful life? How about those whacky Dallas Cowboys and their antics in the women’s locker room for the cheerleaders? Payout. 2.4 million. That’s not even high school stuff, hell, IContinue reading “I Was Just Talking About Payouts”

Go You Reds!

I can’t help it. The one sports team that I will follow as often as I am able is the Manchester United Football Club. Ever since I watched Georgie Best, the mercurial striker for United beat Geoff Hurst and West Ham in 1967, I have been a loyal maniac for the lads whenever and whereverContinue reading “Go You Reds!”

The Great Escape

I am sitting in a little bar on the west side of Tucson. It is called the Turquoise Turtle and my big brother and I were pounding down Cutty Sark scotch like it was water. After about three hours, we got into some sort of an argument. My bro has always maintained his physique andContinue reading “The Great Escape”

Q is for Quandary

Which is where I am on several issues. Like watching the Middle East meltdown and laughing as that rascally rascal Putin keeps on pulling Jo-Jo’s strings while China outright threatens what will amount to Global Thermonuclear War. Sound familiar? It is the game that Matthew Broderick played against the WOPR computer in War Games. ExceptContinue reading “Q is for Quandary”


I think I have made it abundantly clear where I stand on politics. I don’t. I don’t give a damn about anything so fervently that it dictates my course of action, unless you count protecting your family. When I unavoidably see a few stories, they seem to be focused on what a shitty job Jo-JoContinue reading “Afterthoughts”

Stray Thoughts

A rather beautiful sunny day in southern Ohio, albeit cold and the bountiful trees reduced to an eerie forest of gray skeletons. I see my home state of California is now under an official Tsunami Advisory. When you combine a disaster of epic proportions with the most populous state in the United States, well, itContinue reading “Stray Thoughts”

Chilling on a Hike

There was a time, back in the day, when you could drive your car or truck (SUV’s weren’t invented yet), all the way up to the very end of Sabino Canyon down in Tucson. I went up to Reddington Pass one afternoon with a girl to whom I was pitching woo. We took a caseContinue reading “Chilling on a Hike”

Return to the Future

If you have been shopping for groceries lately, the shelves are starting to look sparse again, at least some of the Kroger’s I have visited. That is why I only buy general canned items there and everything else at Dorothy Lane Market. I do not mind the price disparity, because their baked good and meat,Continue reading “Return to the Future”