I think I have made it abundantly clear where I stand on politics. I don’t. I don’t give a damn about anything so fervently that it dictates my course of action, unless you count protecting your family. When I unavoidably see a few stories, they seem to be focused on what a shitty job Jo-JoContinue reading “Afterthoughts”

Stray Thoughts

A rather beautiful sunny day in southern Ohio, albeit cold and the bountiful trees reduced to an eerie forest of gray skeletons. I see my home state of California is now under an official Tsunami Advisory. When you combine a disaster of epic proportions with the most populous state in the United States, well, itContinue reading “Stray Thoughts”

Chilling on a Hike

There was a time, back in the day, when you could drive your car or truck (SUV’s weren’t invented yet), all the way up to the very end of Sabino Canyon down in Tucson. I went up to Reddington Pass one afternoon with a girl to whom I was pitching woo. We took a caseContinue reading “Chilling on a Hike”

Return to the Future

If you have been shopping for groceries lately, the shelves are starting to look sparse again, at least some of the Kroger’s I have visited. That is why I only buy general canned items there and everything else at Dorothy Lane Market. I do not mind the price disparity, because their baked good and meat,Continue reading “Return to the Future”

God, Are You Listening?

You really tested us in 2021 and we face another uncertain near-future with the new mutant strain claiming lives as fast as we can refuse to take the vaccine. Go figure. I was just checking in to see if you had any surprises for us this year. Truth is, we could use a small breakContinue reading “God, Are You Listening?”

Hanging Out

Pretty lazy day but everybody seems to be in a hurry to me. I guess because, ever since I retired, I have no time constraints, so I am not in a hurry anymore…forever. It’s official: All the Christmas decorations, inside and out, are packed away for next year, but my wonderful soulmate has acquiesced toContinue reading “Hanging Out”

It’s Fast Approaching

2022. The New Year. I suppose the older I get, the longer I take to review, revile, and rejoice at surviving yet another calendar year with all the obstacles standing in our way. With the return of high pandemic numbers, it literally seems like it was just January that we started this whole thing. Here’sContinue reading “It’s Fast Approaching”

Letting Go

I don’t care what anybody says, the door was big enough for Rose to balance herself and let Jack get on, saving his life, but ruining a great movie, n’est-ce pas? What happened to “I won’t let go Jack?” Letting go can reference acceptance of a loss or just letting it all hang out. HowContinue reading “Letting Go”


Just when we thought it was getting safer to get back in the water with the sharks, this Omicron variant comes over and starts raising hell. We just surpassed the 800k mark for U.S. covid deaths. I don’t mean to be a buzzkill by any means, so what about this story about a fake hitContinue reading “Nuggets”


I don’t care for them. Yes I know that insects serve a very important role in the evolution of our planet, but I still don’t like them. Biting and stinging insects are the worst. I had nightmares when I was a kid from the movie Day of the Locusts. The crunching sounds made by peopleContinue reading “Insects”