I Did it Again!

As you can see, I double posted yesterday’s (today’s) blogpost. What a dumbass. Not only that, I did not include this week’s audio reading of my book Emotions: Not your Mama’s ABC’s. Under the letter “H” we arrive at the emotion honest. The name of the short story is Restraint. Let me know.


I love butter. No, I’m not gonna marry it. I do eat way too much butter and that stems from my time in haute cuisine. Everything had butter in it. I would keep a 50-gallon pot of it going at all times in my fine dining kitchens. The butter remained perfectly clarified with just theContinue reading “Butter”


I was not particularly close with my Mom’s father. I seemed to be at the end of a long line of nieces and nephews all vying for attention from The Man. I was okay with that. I know he was a tough guy working at a slaughterhouse for many years. I guess that’s where myContinue reading “Grandpas”


I’m a bad loser. I know I am. I’m a little baby about it. I pout, whine, search for blame to assign, and otherwise am just an asshole when I lose. Now let me clarify. If I am in a race and there are three runners, I have to at least finish second to notContinue reading “Sportsmanship”

As Charged

I am terrible at trying to hide guilt. My blogpost The Great Recess Caper of 1961 is proof of that. I would love to be able to claim some sort of far-reaching conspiracy for the legal “issues” I have endured, but the truth of the matter is that I was a dumbass doing dumbass thingsContinue reading “As Charged”

Spoiling Our Children

Alright, it’s not that we haven’t already exceeded the limits of anthropomorphism with our dogs. We talk to them. We laugh at and with them as if we are jovial pals. We teach them tricks. We dress them up. We give up sleep space to them. We teach them how to sing. We hide theirContinue reading “Spoiling Our Children”


Japanese for Spring. Having been self-quarantined since last September, our first little foray out of the house was to the Japanese Friendship Garden in downtown Phoenix on Saturday. I know, a trip downtown? But this is to one of my favorite little parks in Phoenix and it was for Haru, the celebration of the SpringContinue reading “Haru”

The Grind

I continue with the reading of my book. As promised, under the letter “F” the first emotion is fearful. Here is the preface followed by the short story Amazon. Now starting next Monday since I have run out of original music, I will be playing one of the songs from my previously-posted playlist. I haveContinue reading “The Grind”

They Don’t Teach This in a Book

I learned early. I am six years-old on the back of my brother’s Honda Cub and we are winding through narrow Japanese dirt streets lined with vendors of all types: Household goods. Meat. Fish. Electronics (such as they were in 1960 Japan). Restaurants. Brothels. Yep, right there next to the tent that was selling frozenContinue reading “They Don’t Teach This in a Book”


What scares you? The first thing I remember that really scared the hell out of me was the 1960 classic The Fall of the House of Usher. That maniacal laugh of Vincent Price still gives me chills to this day. My parents had loaded us kids in the family car and pulled into the localContinue reading “Fear”