The PROS & CONS of having only one leg

I have been an amputee now for twenty months. It sucks. But being the critical thinker I am (mama didn’t raise no cornpone), I have to look at both sides of any equation. I have to consider not only the obvious but the subtle nuances if you will, to provide the full picture. You mayContinue reading “The PROS & CONS of having only one leg”

Home Sweet Home

We executed the contract yesterday and now we can finally rest from the frenetic cross-country Death Ride out from Arizona. We get to pack up all our belongings, unload the Highlander, and let our two loyal furry friends into their big privacy-fenced back yard. I think they are even entertaining the thought of swimming inContinue reading “Home Sweet Home”

The Dance

I can dance. Certainly not as well as I think I can, but I have rhythm and a good sense of beat to at least not be “that guy” on the dance floor; flailing, spinning, and generally avoiding falling down to any music, except jazz. But who dances to jazz? Not cool enough. Jazz buffsContinue reading “The Dance”


Our favorite time together. The day is exhausted and literally dying of thirst as the heat escapes the scorched earth and seeps skyward through the remaining stubborn streaks of grey. Yes, I have finally had time to cool down and really think about this. The logical thing (and I do fancy myself as a logicalContinue reading “Dusk”


There are writers and there are poets. They are exclusive because not all writers are poets, and vice-versa. Why? As a writer, and a person with WAY too big of an ego, I fancy myself as both, so I will start adding a poem or two to my blog. Certainly not to compete with otherContinue reading “Poetry”

Closing in on 100

The experts in blogging know that I have done nothing right in constructing and marketing my blog. I suppose the main reason is I did not start out screaming for attention to have my words read by other people and I certainly had no concept of actually making money doing it. My personal blog planContinue reading “Closing in on 100”

Social Media

I admit, I suck at it. If you have followed any of my blogging adventures, you know I still don’t have a handle on it. The fact that this blog is being posted about 8 hours later than I normally post is further evidence of it. I still don’t get the whole social media thing.Continue reading “Social Media”

Suicide is NOT Painless

Keeping with my tradition of posting a song on Mondays, here is my rendition of Jim Croce’s I Have to Say I Love You in a Song. O.K. Suicide. Crazy subject right? If you have read at least one of my previous 170 published posts, you know that there are things that go through myContinue reading “Suicide is NOT Painless”

Happy Holidays

Today marks two special holidays: Karen’s birthday and 4/20. 4/20 you ask? The “official” day of celebration of the counter-culture. Oooooh. Sounds spooky. Counter culture. Since I am able to smoke pot all day and night if I so desire, it is no big whup for me to have a smoke session on a Tuesday.Continue reading “Happy Holidays”

Premier League

My beloved Manchester United is teasing me once again. 2017 was the last time the Reds won silver. Even though it was “only” the Europa League Cup and not one of the big three of a “treble.” FA Cup. I love watching the Football Association Cup because it is like the old Indiana State HighContinue reading “Premier League”