The Night Before Christmas

Only my very favorite night of the year. Still. The Domestic Despot has already hit the sack. She has been running all over the place this season and she is beat. I hope she sleeps well tonight. I won’t. I will be up at midnight and will probably wake her up so I can openContinue reading “The Night Before Christmas”

Maddogg’s Musings

Just taking a quick peek at planet Earth on this fine 15th of December. It doesn’t exactly give me a case of the warm fuzzies to see Chinese President Xi Jinping starting to open a positive line of communication with Soviet President Vladimir Putin. Just makes me nervous. Call me crazy. Back in the dayContinue reading “Maddogg’s Musings”

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

As my man Andy Williams might sing. Or Dino jazzing up Let it Snow. Doesn’t matter. I love the sounds of Christmas except the sounds yesterday were from our chattering teeth due to our heating unit freezing up on us. They got here at 8am and finished at 3pm. Fast, efficient, and they left aContinue reading “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”

Enough Already!

As a fan of the greatest football team on the planet, I have come to expect much more than what is currently passing as football at Old Trafford. Stinko. Today’s match at Watford has me wondering once again, what the hell is going on? Georgie Best is surely turning in his grave. I’ll tell youContinue reading “Enough Already!”

Prom Night (s)

When I was in high school (four of them to be exact), I thought the prom was an annual thing. It was a time to drink and have sex. I went to four proms. Three with senior girlfriends and my senior year I brought my girlfriend who was no longer in high school. Some peopleContinue reading “Prom Night (s)”


Such as in when is it OK to swear around children? Parents will go to extreme measures to shelter their children from hearing any curse words. They will interrupt you in mid-sentence if need be, to remind you to beware as you proceed. As you may know, Karen and I were not blessed with childrenContinue reading “Timelines”

Changes in Latitudes

Great Jimmy Buffet song, but also true. When I think back to all the different latitudes in which I have dwelled or visited, it did seem to matter how far north or south I lived as to what my attitude was. For example, I once visited the Philippines Islands (latitude just north of the equator)Continue reading “Changes in Latitudes”


I forgot how much I missed it . So many years have passed since I remember foggy days and nights, but when I woke up this morning, I could not see across the street to my neighbors’ houses. Of course in England we had the proverbial “thick as pea soup” fog that severely limited carContinue reading “Fog”

Military Brat

For most of my early life on this planet, I was the step-son of a good military man, my stepfather Vern McConnell. Vern was the consummate father and he was the head of three households when all was said and done. He was a good man who did things the right way. My first memoriesContinue reading “Military Brat”

Back for Good

What a trip. It started out on July 18th in the west valley of Phoenix, Arizona and culminated on September 14th. We are now new citizens of a little town in southern Ohio called Miamisburg. A golf course less than a mile down the road. The slow moving Miami River (Greater or Little Miami toContinue reading “Back for Good”