Wacky World

A British teacher had an affair with his student, married her, and had two children with her. So what was his punishment for what in America might be considered felony charges? Well, he faced no jail time. He paid no fines. His name was removed from the Teaching Registry. Ouch. Hard cheese. His ass wouldContinue reading “Wacky World”

News Makers

Used to be the news stations would report the news. Then came the insidious VNR’s and the news was now not what it is, but what the news stations want you to think it is. Colored by whatever political affiliations and agendas, news is now identified as “red” or “blue.” Either way, a load ofContinue reading “News Makers”

Easy Does It

Some douchebag breaks into Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home and attacks her husband Paul in her absence. The dumbass was looking and shouting for, Nancy Pelosi. He’d better be careful what he asks for. My girl Nancy is liable to beat his ass. She already called out Donald Trump saying she wanted “to punch himContinue reading “Easy Does It”

School Safety

Talk about a contradiction of terms. Safety measures have come a long way in schools, but when you look closely, not very far at all. You had a school bully who kept the rest of the students in line. There were hall monitors, composed of teachers with bad attitudes because they would much rather beContinue reading “School Safety”

It’s Happening Folks

Whether we want it or not, one of the great rivers of the world, the Mighty Mississippi River, is drying up. Believe it. But there’s no global warming. Right. We have seen smaller lakes (Lake Meade outside Las Vegas comes to mind) and rivers start to disappear, but this river is crucial to our country.Continue reading “It’s Happening Folks”

Shaking My Head

An entire family of four from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan have gone missing. In a case that could very well have come from a TV crime show, and I would know, I’ve seen a few of ‘em, this is scary shit. The family left home without taking or caring for their pets. They leftContinue reading “Shaking My Head”

“X” Marks the Spot

In my book Emotions: Not your Mama’s ABC’s!, I list emotions under every letter of the alphabet. Check out my preface and the short story illustrating the letter “X”: X Since I live in one of the nation’s driest areas (Phoenix, Arizona), my first instinct under this difficult heading was xeric, or pertaining to dryContinue reading ““X” Marks the Spot”

Give Me More

I absolutely cannot get enough of the videos of doggies and their excitement when they see their owners return home. Have you noticed how the whole parkour thing is pretty much over? By the time I found out what parkour was, it was gone. Give me more shots of people getting knocked down by bigContinue reading “Give Me More”

Wait for it…

This is a short story I wrote on about a fifteen minute break from working the restaurant at closing time. Trust           At approximately 1:30 am Eastern Standard Time, at a family-dining chain restaurant in central Florida, an ex-employee pushed his way through the back door and into the kitchen. His two friends quickly dartedContinue reading “Wait for it…”

School Dayz

Man. I don’t know how parents do it. Every day they send their kids to school not knowing if they will be coming home in one piece. I actually wrote this shorty BEFORE Columbine. Little did I know…. Attention to Detail                    They finally did it. We asked them to stop, but they had toContinue reading “School Dayz”