I suppose the correct term is scrolling because that’s what we do on our phones, right? I saw a picture of this twelve-foot long fish swimming right up on a person who was scuba diving. Now I understand that human beings may not be on the menu for many species, but I don’t want toContinue reading “Skimming”

Breaking Up

One of the true joys of aging are the stockpile of memories we accumulate, available to us whenever we so desire (if we can just remember them). I was thinking of the times in my life when there was a break-up. For the sake of definition, a break-up by someone who cut me loose. TheContinue reading “Breaking Up”

Home Sweet Home

I didn’t think I was driving that fast, but it didn’t take me much over two hours to make the two hour and thirty-minute drive from my house to my Goddaughter’s. I saw a few stops of speeders, but I seemed to go (literally) under the radar all the way to my exit. I amContinue reading “Home Sweet Home”

Oh Really?

I read a headline that indicated that Officer Kimberly Potter who mistakenly killed a man when she shot Daunte Wright with her service revolver instead of a taser. I have fired both and I can tell you the weight, balance, and feel are not similar. She said, “I am sorry it happened.” That should doContinue reading “Oh Really?”

The Old Stomping Grounds

I got on I-75 yesterday and headed north to Perrysburg, Ohio. A town where you can still sign your name as a promise to pay which is good enough for Kazmaier’s Market. I remember going there in 1975 and same thing. I was amazed then and even more so now. They are not behind theContinue reading “The Old Stomping Grounds”

Maddogg’s Musings

Just taking a quick peek at planet Earth on this fine 15th of December. It doesn’t exactly give me a case of the warm fuzzies to see Chinese President Xi Jinping starting to open a positive line of communication with Soviet President Vladimir Putin. Just makes me nervous. Call me crazy. Back in the dayContinue reading “Maddogg’s Musings”


Just when we thought it was getting safer to get back in the water with the sharks, this Omicron variant comes over and starts raising hell. We just surpassed the 800k mark for U.S. covid deaths. I don’t mean to be a buzzkill by any means, so what about this story about a fake hitContinue reading “Nuggets”


I don’t care for them. Yes I know that insects serve a very important role in the evolution of our planet, but I still don’t like them. Biting and stinging insects are the worst. I had nightmares when I was a kid from the movie Day of the Locusts. The crunching sounds made by peopleContinue reading “Insects”

Bats and Cats

I am not a big fan of bats. Disease-carrying rodents that I have encountered mainly in caves I have visited, and I recall seeing several in Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma. Oh yeah, I was swarmed by bats on an Alabama golf course once. Freaky. Romancing the bat. The Batman movies never approximated the romance associatedContinue reading “Bats and Cats”

What’s Going On

I see a man and his son were arrested for suspicion of starting the Caldor Fire in northern California earlier this year. Without even knowing any of the facts, my knee-jerk reaction is to vilify the suspects and wish them a spot in the middle of the fire they started with no way out. ButContinue reading “What’s Going On”