Check out my New Song

This is called Lovers and Players and it was just a fun bouncy melody that came to me playing the Bm chord and following it from there. Sometimes when you are putting together a song, you start with a fun melody and build on it. That’s what I did. The boys and I are takingContinue reading “Check out my New Song”

A Whole Other World

I learned early. I am six years-old on the back of my brother’s Honda Cub and we are winding through narrow Japanese dirt streets lined with vendors of all types: Household goods. Meat. Fish. Electronics (such as they were in 1960 Japan). Restaurants. Brothels. Yep, right there next to the tent that was selling frozenContinue reading “A Whole Other World”

Songwriting Class II

“When it’s too tough for you, it’s just right for me.” Words I was raised on. My big brother. He was the star high school player and I was a slow eighty-pound guard on our Pee Wee Pop Warner football team on Tachikawa Air Force Base. After school, I would head to football practice asContinue reading “Songwriting Class II”

Songwriting Class

I have no idea what it is, the water, the air, whatever, but I have become a songwriting machine as of late. I wrote my very first song, That’s When Hiawatha Made a Little Running Deer Outta Me. when I was twelve, but only our yet-to-be-born history buff will be able to tell you that.Continue reading “Songwriting Class”

Morsels From My Mind

I see Phoenix is cleaning up the tent city that has sprouted up in the downtown area. Where are they moving it to? Leasing hotel rooms? For how long? Once again, I have the solution and it is, at the risk of blowing my own horn, brilliant. Put the homeless to work and train themContinue reading “Morsels From My Mind”


I drive too fast. And they got me. I was on my way home from a drummer audition and I was going about 85 on the Interstate when the lights came on and I had to cross two lanes to get to the shoulder of the road. Busted. No excuses, no emergency to get to,Continue reading “Speeding”

Can’t Do It

Nope. The only Queen I have known in my lifetime called her “Queen Consort” and that’s what she shall remain. Relax. She will not succeed the King were he to expire. Charles’ progeny will continue the lineage Oh, I’m sure I will hear it about this, but you know me. British women, on the whole,Continue reading “Can’t Do It”

The Call

I was lying around the house on a lazy Sunday morning smoking some kickass Sativa and being picked on (for no good reason, I’m sure) by Karen, the Domestic Despot. She was complaining because all I was doing was getting stoned and travelling to golf with my buddies, scattered across the country. I kept tellingContinue reading “The Call”


People are still killing people because they can’t stop drinking and getting behind a wheel. It’s like cigarette smoke. If it only stayed within the body of the smoker and didn’t stink up someone else’s personal space, there would be no problem. Or if the offending smoker didn’t act like the bovine creature they areContinue reading “Incredible”


Okay. Since I wrote that I hated Google previously, I feel obliged to backtrack on my stance. After writing about how inept my situation was being handled, come to find out, it was ME who was fucking up and I kept getting my passwords jumbled. I still do not use it as the “end allContinue reading “I LOVE GOOGLE!”