The Decision

Trey Williams pried open the front door of his small house, carefully catching the tattered screen door to avoid it from slamming shut. “Trey? My man!” his father shouted from the den. “How did practice go today? You guys ready for Poly tomorrow?” Trey poked his head into the room as his Dad stood toContinue reading “The Decision”

The Week in Sports

England look like they are running in cement boots. I mean, in the Premier League, it is commonplace to see Harry Kane streaking through and past defensive schemes to launch yet another shot on goal. Why is Gareth Southampton sitting Marcus Rashford? Fresh young legs. Fast. Where is the pure #9 lethal striker whose onlyContinue reading “The Week in Sports”

Back With a Vengeance

I hope you all had a great weekend wherever you are. We are back home and if all goes as expected, we will be making our escape from yet another record-breaking heat wave in the Valley by late July. I have been shopping online and am glad to see the housing market in Ohio isContinue reading “Back With a Vengeance”

Breaking Training

It’s my freshman year of high school and I am ready to try out for the varsity football team. I was travelling between countries, so I missed training and ended up rushing through my warmup. Predictably, I pulled my hamstring on the first round of forty-yard dashes. I would miss the entire football season, andContinue reading “Breaking Training”

Moon Launch

We were a bunch of kids from Barksdale Air Force Base, La. in 1965. We were made up of a group of All-Stars from the teams in the league and a few other teams in the District. I made the team as a reserve third baseman mainly because of the offensive production statistics. The kidContinue reading “Moon Launch”

I Hate Losing

I’ve said it before. I just sat through a disgusting display by the Manchester United Football Club. I am a Red through and through, but when it takes 10 penalty shots to lose to a substandard team from Spain, we just don’t have the team we want or need to represent Old Trafford and theContinue reading “I Hate Losing”

Is NOTHING Sacred?

Mondays I play a song. Here is an Eagles song. An unruly crowd. Out of control people desecrating an iconic place. Old Trafford, the holiest of places in English football. What the fuck is the matter with you? Who do you think you are, Americans? I much prefer soccer (football) hooligans to the destructive idiotsContinue reading “Is NOTHING Sacred?”

Hit Like a Girl

A few years back, I can’t recall exactly who, but one of the major golf companies had an ad campaign featuring the great Annika Sorenstam (or it could have been Michelle Wie), both amazing athletes, and the gist of the commercials was the concept in sports “play like a girl.” Now, when I was growingContinue reading “Hit Like a Girl”

Premier League

My beloved Manchester United is teasing me once again. 2017 was the last time the Reds won silver. Even though it was “only” the Europa League Cup and not one of the big three of a “treble.” FA Cup. I love watching the Football Association Cup because it is like the old Indiana State HighContinue reading “Premier League”


I’m a bad loser. I know I am. I’m a little baby about it. I pout, whine, search for blame to assign, and otherwise am just an asshole when I lose. Now let me clarify. If I am in a race and there are three runners, I have to at least finish second to notContinue reading “Sportsmanship”