Hanging Out

Pretty lazy day but everybody seems to be in a hurry to me. I guess because, ever since I retired, I have no time constraints, so I am not in a hurry anymore…forever. It’s official: All the Christmas decorations, inside and out, are packed away for next year, but my wonderful soulmate has acquiesced toContinue reading “Hanging Out”

I’m Not Getting Better, I’m Getting Older

Not really, but it’s a catchy title, no? Not too bad, but I am sitting here in my new little in-the-process-of-being-remodeled home, and so thankful for yet another bounteous Christmas spent with my girl. Man, I keep hearing all the news about the numbers involved with the Covid-19 virus, and they are downright scary. EverContinue reading “I’m Not Getting Better, I’m Getting Older”

Starting Anew

I lay down some words which will be included in the new song I am putting together, and I am having a blast with my Oculus II except I am now officially done with the rollercoaster app. Stomach-churning. The song is called Without You and the words I have assembled in this, the embryonic processContinue reading “Starting Anew”

Carry On

I will just get this off my chest and then I will move on. Notre Dame must have read their own halftime press as they proceeded to pull up their skirts and show the OK State Cowboys their knickers. The Cowboys taught fledgling young Irish Head Coach Marcus Freeman an early lesson in facing adversityContinue reading “Carry On”

Sayonara 2021

As promised, my review of the world haps in 2021 will resume with the month of May. I remember the news in June centered domestically on the condos in Surfside, Florida that collapsed. The human loss was 98 people. Horrible. And let’s not forget the shootings in Colorado Springs and Chicago and don’t forget SanContinue reading “Sayonara 2021”


At what point did disagreement cease to exist without threats, ill will, and violence entering the picture? I must have missed something. This topic for tonight’s blog (I really like to post at 12:01 am EST for consistency’s sake) came about because I was at a Christmas party and I will estimate the total guestContinue reading “Disagreement”

It’s Fast Approaching

2022. The New Year. I suppose the older I get, the longer I take to review, revile, and rejoice at surviving yet another calendar year with all the obstacles standing in our way. With the return of high pandemic numbers, it literally seems like it was just January that we started this whole thing. Here’sContinue reading “It’s Fast Approaching”

Letting Go

I don’t care what anybody says, the door was big enough for Rose to balance herself and let Jack get on, saving his life, but ruining a great movie, n’est-ce pas? What happened to “I won’t let go Jack?” Letting go can reference acceptance of a loss or just letting it all hang out. HowContinue reading “Letting Go”

The Day After

I was unable to get my Christmas blog done yesterday for all the obvious reasons. I talked with family, opened presents, and thoroughly enjoyed my 35th consecutive Christmas with my favorite person on planet Earth. My silly wife just asked “Who?” The dogs made out like bandits and there are chewies and chewy-shaped things allContinue reading “The Day After”

The Night Before Christmas

Only my very favorite night of the year. Still. The Domestic Despot has already hit the sack. She has been running all over the place this season and she is beat. I hope she sleeps well tonight. I won’t. I will be up at midnight and will probably wake her up so I can openContinue reading “The Night Before Christmas”